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Dr. Robinson has been helping my family for over 11 yrs. From back injuries, pregnancies, to workout injuries he has always been there. He has also adjusted my 3 girls from months old which has helped with ear infections and allergies. Chiropractic care has helped us tremendously.  Cynthia Chavez

I was fortunate to discover Dr. Robinson upon relocating to Houston. I have difficulty with my L5 disk slipping forward which feels like it knocks my hips out of alignment. My back injury most likely occurred from multiple crashes from BMX racing or using a hack squat machine at the gym. While I no longer compete professionally, I enjoy cycling and Dr. Robinson keeps my back and mind aligned so I can function at 100% and remain active. He's also adjusted  wife and son.  Dr. Robinson is quite knowledgeable on many subjects and I walked away from each conversation feeling enlightened. If you want a no gimmick, trustworthy chiropractic who is genuinely interested in helping you function at 100%, you will not have to look any further than Dr. Robinson.   Philip Potosnak

Would like to thank you Dr. Robinson for being my Chiropractor all these years. You have helped me so much with my lower back and now my shoulder area. I can always count on you & your expertise.
Thank you for coming out to my house this weekend when I was in need of an adjustment. You made my weekend so much better.
I'm so thankful you are doing house calls now. God bless you always. Tinamarie Martinez

Dr. Robinson has been our family chiropractor for many years and we're grateful for him. His skills are unequaled, as is his attention to details. He is the ONLY chiropractor we will use and has earned our loyalty with the quality care he has provided us over the years.On a personal note, Dr. Robinson has been one of the biggest influences on my life. He has been a mentor and a source of inspiration, taking time out of his busy day to give good solid advice about health and fitness. You owe it to yourself to try one visit. Only then will you fully understand the difference between ordinary "chiropractic care" and the invaluable service Dr. Neal provides. Thank you, Dr. Robinson, for the quality care you have given us over the years. You are truly one of a kind!  Bret Walton

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