Houston Chiropractor Office : Chiropractic Care

Family oriented Houston Chiropractic Clinic offers its patients lifelong wellness and best physical health through a balanced program of education, adjustments and exercise. Discover the natural benefits our Chiropractor provides.

Our Chiropractor’s clinic is located at 4210 Ella Blvd. in central NW Houston, Texas approximately 1.2 miles north of Loop 610 N.

From Houston’s inner Loop 610 N., exit Ella Blvd. and follow it north past two lighted intersections (34th Street & Wakefield Dr.) until nearly reaching 43rd Street. As you approach the intersection with 43rd, our office is on the right …on the east side of Ella Blvd. …in The Oak Forest Shopping Center.

Our facility affords patients and friends plenty of free parking!



Our Houston, Texas Chiro web site & office are dedicated to providing you with the best information about Chiropractic treatments that can restore your body’s innate ability to heal and renew itself. Through spine corrective techniques, home exercises, proper posture, & mindful workplace precautions, lower back pain prevention and relief is entirely possible without surgery. We invite you to review remedies suggested, read our testimonials, print a discount exam coupon and consider scheduling an evaluation appointment soon!