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Patient Testimonials

I hurt my upper back while working on a wet ladder and after several restless nights a friend and co-worker introduced me to Dr. Robinson almost a year ago. I look forward to our weekly adjustment sessions.

My initial reason for seeing Dr. Robinson was the injury that had me missing work and in constant pain; my continued visits are for the level of comfort achieved with continued chiropractic care.

I have noticed greater flexibility and range of motion in my neck and back, as well as, no whiplash flare-ups in the last 8 months. I appreciate Dr. Robinson and his genuine concern for my health and spinal well-being.

Dwayne Hungerford
Houston, TX

Since a member of my family had already received Chiropractic care from Dr. Robinson’s clinic, I was aware of his services. However, it wasn’t until I started having my own problems with lower back pain that I decided to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Robinson was quick to point out that due to my long hours of working at the computer, my sitting and leaning posture was causing subluxations in my spine (and a lot of pain).

In addition to the regular adjustments I receive, he has further taught me the importance of how keeping my spine healthy through certain exercises and posture, keeps my whole body healthy in return. It’s like you learn some kinda ancient secret to health!

I’m still working at my computer, though now I do some simple exercises right in the office and after work that Dr. Robinson prescribed and my pain is gone. Actually it was my own body that healed itself; it just needed a little help from him.

I think everyone owes it to themselves to learn this information. Thanks Dr. Rob!

John Barremore
Houston, Texas



I had experienced debilitating headaches on a regular basis since my early 20s. Usually, they resulted from “overdoing” it at the gym or while doing yard work. I had never sought medical treatment for them. They were simply “one of those headaches.”

Many years later, I hurt my neck from … of all things … coughing. I followed this injury with a day of chopping tree roots out of my yard. Suddenly, I was in more pain than I had ever experienced in my life. When I went to see my family doctor, she shrugged off the excruciating neck pain that I described to her and wrote me a prescription for cough medicine.

The cough went away, but the pain remained. Finally, after weeks of taking 3 to 4 tylenol every two hours, I decided to try anything to eliminate the pain. I’m ashamed to say that it was desperation that brought me to Dr. Robinson.

I learned after my exam that I had a pinched nerve and a rotator cuff injury. For some reason, I thought he could fix all that with one adjustment. But I soon learned that correcting years of abuse to my body was not that easy. My recovery was gradual, but thorough, and completely drug free. And imagine my surprise when he called to check on me after my first adjustment. No doctor had ever done that before. (Did I mention that “those” headaches have disappeared?)

I continue to visit Dr. Robinson every month and bring my children to him as well. Sports injuries and illnesses no longer take me to the medical doctor’s office. Instead, I land on Dr. Robinson’s doorstep, knowing that the compassionate and professional care I receive from him will be exactly what my body needs.

Tammy K. Heinrich
Houston, TX



I had been having multiple problems for more than five years; little energy, frequent headaches, heartburn, constipation, rectal bleeding and constant backaches.

Before coming to Dr. Robinson, I took Ibuprofen, antibiotics and antacids plus I went for frequent massage …all with little results. I had no knowledge of chiropractic, though I soon learned I was suffering from subluxations and spinal curvature.

My chiropractic treatments have greatly reduced my pain and discomfort.

Mark Schildberg
Houston, Texas



Dear Dr. Robinson:

Thank you so very much. When I first came to see Dr. R. I was in extreme neck and back pain. I was taking at least 10 – 12 Naproxen a day; with not much relief.

And yes, I had my doubts about Chiropractic care. I wasn’t sure it would work; so I tried it …and I started getting immediate relief. My pain level was a 10+ plus before his treatments; now my pain level is usually less than a 1. I am now a firm believer.

J.D. Ledford
Houston, TX



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